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Static Blog with Pelican

Pelican is a static site publishing tool. This blog of mine is one of running example using Pelican. This awesome Python based tool is simple, tidy while also has the power to be extendable and scalable. Combine it with gh-pages of Github and you will get a fun and free blogging experience without the much more bloated system in conventional CMS. Enough blabbering, let's get started!

Panjie SW

AngularJS Normal Links with HTML5 Mode

HTML5 Mode, a configuration mode of $location service in angularjs, uses HTML5 History API which one of its usage is to enrich client side interaction in a web application. When the $location service configured with this mode, browser will not do a full page reload when its URL is changed, without the need of hashbang #! in part of URL. But what if, in one time, you need a full page reload to react on browser's URL change? Such as signing a user out, which usually is handled by server side of your app.